Water Testing

Drinking water

also known as potable water, is water safe enough for drinking and food preparation. Testing a private water supply for drinking water is generally the responsibility of the property owner. Private water supplies should always be tested before a property is purchased and whenever a new water supply is developed. If you suspect that your water supply is unsafe to drink, or you are having serious nuisance problems such as rust and hard water, you can have your water tested for specific contaminants. It is important to keep in mind that no individual water treatment device removes every contaminant from drinking water, so it is important to have your water tested regularly and remain informed about water quality.

Waste water

treated or untreated – that flows out of a treatment plant, sewer, or industrial outfall.

Irrigation water

 is a treated wastewater responding to strict quality criteria and used in agriculture for irrigation.Wastewater contains pathogens, high concentrations of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, and some toxic chemicals. This wastewater must undergo several treatments before being released in the environment or used for irrigation purposes. Wastewater treatment includes physical, chemical and biological processes. To verify the efficacy of the treatment steps, analysis shall be performed in a laboratory.

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