Particle Count Analysis

Control of airborne particulates in indoor environments is critical to develop quality products,protect employees from contact with hazardous materials, or prevent health problems from prolonged exposure to allergens.Particles and Relative Micron Size Particles are generated or become airborne with everyday human activity.

Airborne particles vary in size depending upon the source. Airborne micro-particles are particles with a threshold size smaller than 5µn in diameter whereas macro-particles are particles with a threshold size larger than 5µn in diameter.

The total air particulate monitoring test evaluate the non-viable particles present per unit volume of air in a cleanroom or clean zone installation.

At Abiolabs, this test is performed on ambient air and analyse particle populations having size ranging from 0.3 to 5µm.

The number of sampling points is set by the ISO standard ISO 14644-1.

Applied Standard: ISO 14644-1/2


Cleanroom classification as per ISO 14644-1 Cleanroom Standards:

Example of air particles:

Order of magnitude: