In its broadest sense, Metrology is the science of measurement and is concerned with standardization in measurement, calibration and inspection. During calibration service, the measurement values of tools and instruments are compared with a calibration standard of known accuracy.

To ensure the validity of measurement results,Measuring tools, instruments and equipment used in production processes are calibrated.

Abiolabs is an independent metrology laboratory that provides fast, affordable and reliable measuring instrument calibration and on-site calibration services. All measurement results are traceable to SI, meaning they are tied to stated references of the International Standard through an unbroken chain of comparisons. In addition, the traceability and uncertainty of measurements are validated through our accreditation process.

During calibration, technicians compare the performance output of a measuring tool or instrument with a measurement standard. Calibration services confirm that the item will produce results which meet or exceed that standard’s criteria. We perform calibration services on site on the following equipment:

•Incubators(0 – 80°C)

•Balances and scales

Balance calibration

Weighing is a basic operation in any analytical laboratory. It is possible to run a laboratory without modern analytical instruments but it is not possible to carry out analysis without a weighing balance.

Weighing is an essential requirement for preparing sample solution, reagents, titrants, precipitates, etc. The accuracy of your results will largely depend on the accuracy of your analytical balance. Precautions for correct weighing of samples discussed the need for calibration amongst other factors.

Calibration against certified standard weights will give you the confidence on your weighing. Regular calibration will guarantee the correctness of your results along with those precautions you should take in preparing your samples.