Germ Identification

The organism identification tests are used to characterize and identify microorganisms detected on non-selective agar media when testing for bioburden, environmental analysis, positive sterility tests… and confirm the presence and absence of possible objectionable organisms. This is a crucial activity for routine control of a manufacturing facility.

As part of your monitoring you want to identify the microorganisms highlighted during your tests. Identifying a contaminating organism will provide useful information that will aid in its removal or destruction.

You will also be able to identify the source of your contamination. For example, Gram positive bacteria think of “human origin” contamination, molds and yeast; think your facility has been compromised by environmental parameters.

Applied standard: 


Method Process:

Isolation of pure culture

Microbial identification

  • Colony morphology
  • Gram stain
  • Catalase test

• Coagulase test

Phenotypic identification