A cosmetic product is defined as follow: “Any substance or preparation for human use for the purpose of cleansing, beautifying or altering the appearance

commonly to include personal toiletry products (such as shampoos and lotion), beauty products and fragrances.” 

A Cosmetic and beauty product is meant to be applied on a human body. For this matter, they are subject to specific legislative requirements.

Microbial testing is a key aspect of cosmetic product safety –We offer you solutions to ensure that your cosmetics are safe and comply with the

regulatory requirements in force.

Origin of microbial contamination:

During production steps – filling process.
During Utilization by the customer
Our solution to manage contaminations:
Contamination occurring during production steps and filling processes will be tested by regular microbiological controls of the batches.
Bacteria getting into the product while used by the customer is evaluated by testing the antimicrobial protection of a cosmetic product (challenge test)

Microbial analysis proposed by Abiolabs:

Challenge test
Total Aerobic Mesophilic Count (TAMC) or Aerobic Plate Count (APC)
Total Yeast and Molds Count
Candida albicans detection
Pseudomonas aeruginosa detection
Staphylococcus aureus detection
Escherichia coli detection