Clean Zone Aerobiocontamination – Air Monitoring

Our Air monitoring services include testing for the presence contamination in air. As per Good Manufacturing Practices, it includes representative sampling, incubation and counting of microorganisms.

We provide a complete approach to all your air environmental analytical needs (workplace, laboratories, cleanrooms and outdoors utilities).

We also offering guidance on regulatory and compliance issues while providing the technical support you need to meet your objectives.

Sampling for air monitoring is performed using two different methods: active and passive sampling. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Passive monitoring is not aggressive and may miss critical microbes, but offers a lengthy (1 to 4 hours) sampling period

Active monitoring offers a shorter sampling period (10 minutes for 1m3 of air) and is more ideal for situations with low microbial concentration, which includes most cleanrooms, since microbial contaminants will be less likely detected by passive monitoring.

Abiolabs can perform identification work on any growth observed on non-selective culture media.

Applied Standard: ISO 14698-1/2


Active air monitoring vs Passive air monitoring :

It is also important to note that microbial air samplers will turn up different results within the same area, or room based on the time and activity of the room.

As an example, if a sample is taken during a surgery, it will likely show more microbial elements than air sampling done in the same room with fewer factors, such as personnel and equipment, contributing to the microbial population.