About us

Abiolabs Ltd is located in Ebene Business Park, Mauritius, in brand new premises specifically designed to meet a wide range of customers’ demand. Abiolabs Ltd facilities have been designed as per Good Laboratory Practices. Our testing laboratory is equipped to provide expert services in:

  • Medical device analysis     
  • DNA testing     
  • Cleanzone environment qualification 
  • Mass metrology

Abiolabs Ltd provides a complete range of tests and analyses that meet the highest internationally recognized standards. We also aim to meet specific needs of companies specializing in medical devices in addition to other healthcare sectors, such as cosmetics, hospitals and clinics.


Our facilities extend over 1705m2 and split as follows: 75m2  designed to host cleanrooms class ISO5/ISO7/ISO8 dedicated to microbiological testing; and 40m2 dedicated to physicochemical testing. Abiolabs Ltd is ISO 13485 certified and obtained ISO 17025 accreditation by international Mauritas in 2017.


Created since 1998 Natec Medical Ltd has a proven experience in medical devices manufacturing as well as track record in associated testing. With such an expertise, it was time for NATEC Medical internal laboratory to become independent and operate on its own in order to offer its services worldwide. And this is how Abiolabs Ltd was born in 2015. In 2018, while looking for the implementation of new activities, the lab manager,Julie CAUTRES, meets with Martine BEAUFILS, who has a huge experience in DNA testing. And this is the beginning of a new and exciting transformatory journey for Abiolabs Ltd. To expand its service offerings, Abiolabs Ltd decides to set up a DNA department in order assist people and doctors through our range of DNA based diagnostic tests. 

Mission / Values

Our Objectives

Abiolabs objectives are to provide a full range of testing consistent with the highest and recognized international standards to address all specific needs of companies specialized in the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

We pursue three main strategic principles, i.e. 

  • We strive for accuracy of testing. We help our clients produce safe and efficacious products· 
  • We are responsive to our customers’ needs. We listen and understand your needs, suited to your best interests.
  • We provide prompt services. We respond and deliver in a timely manner.

Our Leadership Team


Abiolabs Manager

Julie is passionate about life and science. In 2016, she started a journey with Abiolabs LTd as part of a new challenge in her professional endeavors. She developed Abiolabs Ltd services in various fields such as: Medical Device analysis, clean zone environment, microbiology and mass metrology.


Julie has over 15 years’ experience as a Laboratory Manager. Her prerogative is to create a culture in which staff members feel comfortable and contribute new ideas that drive the laboratory growth. She has vast experience in medical device analysis, cleanzone qualification, microbiology, method development, validation, quality control and quality analysis.


DNA Department Manager

DNA Department Manager Martine is a proven DNA specialist. She joined Abiolabs Ltd in January 2019 to contribute to Abiolabs’ growth and service diversification by setting-up a new DNA department.


Martine counts more than 20 years of experience in DNA analysis. She started her career in 1994 at the Hematology Laboratory of Bordeaux University. In 1996, she joined the Forensic Hematology Laboratory(Bordeaux) as Molecular Biology Department Manager where she contributed to resolve several criminal justice cases. Martine’s vast experience in DNA and genetic analysis development is a key factor in bringing a precise identification method, based on morphological traits analysis. As a result of her work, France was the first European country authorized to perform this analysis in the justice field. .