Results You Can Trust

When it comes to laboratory testing, it is essential to know that your results are reliable and accurate. We understand and recognize how vital this is! Our mission is to ensure you are matched with the most accurate results by utilizing state of the art technology, in addition to modern methodologies aimed to deliver the most efficient and reliable testing procedures.

The seamless integration into our laboratories enables our clients to have peace of mind as we have a dedicated team of experts continuously striving for excellence

You can rely on us for outstanding customer service as our commitment is unparalleled. We strive to have the cleanest labs, the securest sample collection, and the most effective and reliable testing currently available in the industry. Whether your testing needs are standard or complex, you can depend on Abiolabs to provide fast, affordable and accurate results while keeping your confidentiality in mind. We are here to help you find the right testing method tailored to your needs.

We have at heart to help you accomplish your projects

In order to support you, Abiolabs offers you the following:

Certified Quality & Complete confidence
As an ISO 17025 laboratory, quality and confidence in our results is a top priority.
A Professional & Outstanding customer service
We provide personalized service for every client and each of our projects’ in a timely turn-around. We understand that your needs are critical to build confidence and trust in our services.
Recognized Experts
We understand your needs and the challenges you face.
Tailor made solutions
We provide guidance and assistance by developing tailored solutions that meet your needs regardless of the increasingly complex nature of this field.   .


CongrACCREDITATions Abiolabs!

Congrats to Abiolabs for having successfully obtained the ISO 17025:2005 by SANAS (South Africa).

This accreditation demonstrates technical competency for a defined scope and the operation of a quality management system. It will further support our vision to be an international leader in our respective field of expertise.

Abiolabs is now accredited for Chemical, Microbiology and Clean Room Environment Analysis,

and is the second ISO 17025:2005 worldwide accredited laboratory in Mauritius.