Mission / Values

Mission / Values

Our Objectives
Abiolabs objectives are to provide a full range of testing consistent with the highest and recognized international standards to address all specific needs of companies specialized in medical devices, but not limited to that field.

Our Mission
We pursue three main strategic principles, i.e.

  • We strive for the accuracy of testing. We help our clients produce safe and efficacious products
  • We are responsive to our customers’ needs. We listen and understand you needs in order to adapt to your request
  • We provide prompt services. We respond and deliver in a timely manner

Our Values
These fundamental principles guide our Company life, and our everyday professional behavior. We have clear and simple values, inherited from our History with Natec Medical.

  • Rigor is a crucial parameter while performing each testing: it guarantees reliability each customer expects before marketing its products
  • Pursuit of Excellence: We strive to offer new innovative excellence-oriented testing. We want to exceed your expectations
  • Build a Win-win partnership with customers: we want to understand our clients’ needs and respond to each one of them. Indeed these are dictated by international requirements, cost constraints and service requirement, we must be master
  • Compliance with international standards: to work and compete on a global market