Abiolabs is a spin-off from one of NATEC Medical’s division. NATEC Medical has a proven experience in medical devices manufacturing as well as track record in associated testing. With such an expertise, it was time for NATEC Medical internal laboratory to become independent and operate on its own in order to offer its services to other MD and pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking for excellence. Abiolabs was thus born.

Abiolabs is located in Ebene Business Park, Mauritius, in brand new premises specifically designed to meet significant customers’ demand. Abiolabs facilities have been designed as per Good Laboratory Practices. Our facilities extends over 115m2  split as follows: 75m2  designed to host cleanrooms class ISO5/ISO7/ISO8 dedicated to microbiological testing; and 40m2 dedicated to physicochemical testing. Abiolabs is ISO 13485 certified as was NATEC Medical internal laboratory at its time.